Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Startown Part 2

Back to Startown, I like my buildings to blend well into their bases. I’ve used plaster, epoxy putty, and spackle. This time I thought I’d try something new. At my local building store, I picked up a tub of Elmer’s Wood Filler. A Popsicle stick was used to trowel the filler in place. It went in very easily and any extra splatter on the building shaved off easily with an Xacto knife once the filler had dried.

The wood filler also had the advantage of being very carveable. Once dry, it was only a few minutes work to get everything smooth by scraping the surface with the back of an Xacto blade. One bit of warning: the side of the tub warns about the fumes being an eye irritant. They are not kidding! Work in a well ventilated area!

I decided to install rare earth magnets to hold the antennae masts and roofs in place. When I looked at the samples at the Battle Works Studio table the masts were always falling over and the roofs were always shifting.

Here is a shot with the roofs and masts in place. I also added sand to the base at this point.

This is an interim photo. Everything has been primed flat black, the ground work has been colored with several layers of drybrushing. The antennae have been sprayed with an old can of Pactra Platinum (I’ve been building models a looong time).

And here is the last shot for this post with the building given a clean black basing.

‘Till next time!

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