Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Mill

Just a quick post for something I finished earlier in the month, the 15mm Prussian Mill from JR Miniatures.

It was a quick job. I used it to experiment with the Devlan Mud wash by GW that everyone is always raving about on YouTube. It's pretty good. I think I will match it to a craft paint color and make a batch of my own wash in  a similar color. GW washes are just too expensive for what you get.

This last week I have been hammering hard on getting a basic battle group for Warmachine completed. I've just got the metal trim to go on the heavy jack and have to mount the light jack on to a base. I feel pressured to get them done this month so I can do something about my Pledge totals for May. My order of 15mm vehicles arrived from Brigade Models and I picked up some Warmachine wrecked jack markers while I was travelling on business. This is going to be my second month in a row losing ground on the Pledge, but I am doing my best to minimize that lost ground. A lot of time has been spent on Startown, which is impacting my totals for the month (that and a week of business travel). Hopefully the Startown work will translate into better totals for June! I have to make some headway as the dread Historicon approaches, which will drive July Pledge totals into serious negative numbers.

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