Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Love at first sight

I remember it just like it was last February. We were both at GZG-ECC13. It was Saturday morning and I think I was playing a 6mm Dirtside game. I turned to look over at one of the vendor tables and there she was... spread out seductively on the Battle Works Studios table... and I said "You will be mine! Oh, yes, you will be mine!"
Look at those lines! Baby, this was some 15mm SF terrain I could go for in a big way! I went for the Battle Works intro deal of all five buildings for $69. I haven't quite figured out what the deal is online. While I bought them from Battle Works, I see can't find Startown on their website. I do find them on the website of If your interested in getting them, try asking at one of theses two sites.

Here is my odyssey to get them to the gaming table.

First I decided to mount them on birch ply bases. I didn't care for the sloped earth around the walls and the open floors. I traced the outline for each building onto some 1/8th inch birch ply from the local Michaels craft store (can't let those 40% coupons in the Sunday paper go to waste). I them used my ancient dremel jigsaw to cut out bean shaped bases.
I then took my battery powered Craftsman tool with a sanding drum and beveled the edges. I did this outside over a garbage can to keep down the dust in the basement.
Next the bases were sealed with some Delta wood sealer. I've found that if you coat just one side of ply this thin it will warp, so I hold the bases upright with spring clips and uniformly seal half of each side. After the sealer has dried, the clips get rotated and the other half of both sides get coated.
The buildings were then glued to the bases with 5 minute epoxy.
Next time I'll continue with the ground work and integrating the buildings into the base.

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  1. This post was worth it for the 1/8" ply guidelines. I'm always looking for thin MDF and can't find it. This sounds like a low cost alternative.