Tuesday, April 6, 2010

March in Review

Well, I got 16 NAC Ghurkas done. I tried some different techniques for these two squads. First, I went for a brader variety of skin tones. I basically have a mix of dark, medium, and light skin tones using three colors and an ink. I detail the process in a future blog. I didn't do much in the way of facial details as the slouch hats would have obscured most of it anyway.

I also decided to start indicating the squad member with the first aid pack. I originally intended to put the red cross on the shoulder but discovered that the smallest decal on the Decal Express red cross sheet were too large for a 15mm figure's arm. So I put them on their back pack. I'll go back and add the decal to the back pack of the already painted figures.

I've started working on some scenery; the King & Kerr Supply Dump I won at GZG-ECC and the Startown Slums set I picked up at GZG-ECC from Battle Works Studios. I'll post pictures shortly.

Here are my totals for March:

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