Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fuel Dump Part 2

Let's finish up this bad boy!
Here the fuel dump has been cated in a fine sand and primed with a blak primer. I made a lot of effort to get the sand to be about the same size grain as the texture already on the scenery. I used a very fine grain intended for decorative fake flower arrangements which I picked up at a dollar store.

And here is the finished piece with some GZG 15mm NAC for size comparison. It is painted using Delta Ceramcoat craft paints. Ceramcoat paints are actually a cell vinyl paint, and except for a few colors, has excellent pigment. I use it for almost all my painting. The shed itself was basecoated with Vellejo Gunmetal and then followed the directions here for doing rust.

I am pretty sure the "apstels" refered to in the article are by Bragdon Enterprises. I happen to have a set of them that I picked up at a plastic model show something like 10 years ago. Imagine my surprise to find not only was bragdon still in business...

They are still selling the 12 color set I have for the same price I bought it for a decade ago! (FF-R12 WEATHER SYSTEM brand Small Twelve color KIT). The dry adhesive in the powder worked like a champ and I was very happy with the result!

The directions with the powders said they did not require a topcoat, but as gaming scenery gets handled much more than scale models I went with a couple coats of Testors Dullcoat.
Other than a few patches of static grass, that's it! I'm really psyched to move on to the Slumtown using the techniques I learned on this project.

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  1. Wow, Martin, very nice and excellent work as always! I look forward to your bringing this to ECC next year, if not for the minis contest, then as a piece for one of the games.

    Who said FoW style pieces had to necessarily be used exclusively for FoW? :-D