Monday, April 12, 2010

Fuel Dump Part 1

At the last GZG-ECC, I won a Fuel/Supply Dump by King & Kerr (KK-007 15mm FoW Fuel/Supply Dump Objective Marker). While I don't play Flames of War, I do play a lot of 15mm SF and I thought as it was a damaged Fuel Dump it would be a nice place to practice some techniques for my next project - the SF Startown Slums by Battle Works Studios, which is my next scenery project.
One thing I wasn't so thrilled about is how thick the base is. It's over 3mm thick and I liek a gentle transition into the gaming table.

To fix this, I drilled a number of holes along the edge and glued in some wire. I made sure that the wire touched the surface of the table.

I placed everything on a sheet of wax paper and mixed up a ball of Apoxie Sculpt. The Apoxie Sculpt got mashed down over the wires and had everything smoothed out with a wet finger.

Next post I'll cover the finishing of the piece. Later!

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