Saturday, March 13, 2010


Originally posted March 7, 2010

15mm NAC - I did some more digging and found the errant NAC. The count current stands at 38 done, 38 partially painted, and 56 still untouched. Woof! That's a lot of figures! I know some of you Napoleonic gamers are unimpressed, but that is a lot for me!

I did work on two squads of NAC ghurkas and they are almost done. Just have to paint the weapons and add flocking.

I was recently playing Ares with krimso - he of the Lead Projekts blog - and we were using an unpainted Japanese Bridge by Armorcast, which I've had for thousands of years.
In between coats on the NAC I washed it up, primed it, and painted it up, Yah. I drybrushed it with a couple shades of tan over a basecaot of dark burnt umber. Then I picked out a few boards with washes of burnt sienna and autumn brown. I very happy with how it came out and even happier that it's done!

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