Sunday, March 14, 2010

Oh, I was bad!

I don’t mean that I didn’t get much painting done this week (which is true) but lately I’ve managed to be pretty disciplined. Not much purchased and making a dent in the lead pile.

But then came those rat b*st*rds at Khurasan Miniatures. When they posted the pre-production pictures of the Corporate Marine Legged Heavy Assault Cyborg (“L-HAC”), I thought “Wow! Those are sweet!”. At that time I managed to control my lust.

Then recently TMP published some fully painted pictures and I thought “Wow! There out! And those are sweet!”. But I was strong….

This week TMP had some pictures of the new 15mm Felid Heavy Battle Circle. Yummy! And my will kept me safe… Then I saw the painted Heavy Circle posted on DROPSHIP HORIZON. I was toast. Curse you Khurasan Miniatures! Curse you DROPSHIP HORIZON!

Thursday afternoon I ordered two L-HACs, two packs of Felid Heavy Circle, their Vacationing Alien (more poses please!) and a pack of ants (I can’t even explain why this pack). Saturday Mr.Postman delivered the goods! Outstanding service from Khurasan.

The L-HAC consists of 7 resin parts on two very robust sprues and 4 cast metal parts.

I have been building resin garage kits and wargame accessories for almost 20 years and this is some of the finest casting I have ever seen. Look at the undercuts on this torso. Incredible!

I thought I would show you some figures I finished earlier this year. These are my Free Cal Tex (15mm) from GZG. I have three squads (24 figs total) finished and three more packs. I had been reading the first Gaunt Ghosts trilogy and really got the itch for some Imperial Guard. I almost bought a box but my GW aversion kicked in as well as my preference for 15mm. While rummaging through my lead pile, my eye fell to these Free Cal Tex and thought they were reminiscent of GW’s Cadian troopers. So I painted them in a similar paint scheme. Now I am looking for a good figure to convert to a commissar.

Well, that' it for now. I did make some progress on my NAC Ghurkas. Just have to paint the weapons and clean up the bases and they'll be done!

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