Saturday, March 13, 2010

And so it begins.....

Originally posted March 1, 2010

Welcome to the first post to my blog!

Yesterday, while returning from the Ground Zero Games – East Coast Convention XIII (my favorite miniature game convention), my friend Steve and I were discussing what gaming projects we would like to get done. For the last several years, we have focused most of our game time to developing games for conventions. Our mountains of lead continued to grow but figures outside that season’s con game were not reaching the table.

We decided to set some gaming project goals. These would be for games we just wanted to play and not necessarily intended for the development of another convention game. We promised to give each other weekly updates of our progress. A "lead covenant”. I thought I would blog my progress, sort of like the old ‘Four Gamers” articles they used to run in White Dwarf (and perhaps still do – I left the GW machine years ago).

The projects I chose:
  1. Paint enough of one 6mm SF army that I could actually play the variety of rules I have picked up over the years. I have one or two units for several armies, but not enough to field one complete army. I committed to finishing the Brigade Models “South African Heavy Combat Team” pack.
  2. I have a lot of 15mm SF figures. I usually make it as far as two or three squads and then get distracted by something else. I will finish every Ground Zero Games 15mm NAC figure I own.
  3. I bought Warmachine when it first came out. I never even finished the Menoth starter box and have never played a single game, despite buying every edition of the rules. I committed to finishing enough to at least play a game.
I started tonight by pulling out the Brigade Models “South African Heavy Combat Team” pack. This is the first incarnation of the pack, prior to Brigades introduction of infantry figure. The contents of the pack are:
  • 1 HQ Platoon (1 Wildebeest Support, 4 Wildebeest ACV, 2 Rhino HBT)
  • 1 Tank Platoon (1 Wildebeest ACV, 12 Rhino HBT)
  • 1 Mechanized Infantry Platoon (1 Wildebeest ACV, 4 Wildebeest APC)
  • 1 Artillery Section (1 Wildebeest ACV, 4 Oliphant SPG)
I had completed the Mechanized Infantry Platoon over a year ago but had painted no SAC since. Tonight I began cleaning up the mold lines on the 4 Wildebeest ACVs in the HQ platoon. They are not completely clean yet, but it was a start!

I will post pictures here of my progress, share tips I think are worth sharing, and generally blog my gaming life. While this joins the multitude of other gamers blogging out there, I hope that it will at least keep me focused on completing my “Lead Covenant”.

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